The Future of Marketing

Marketing in its current form is a dying discipline, driven to extinction by a technology enabled, empowered customer where the value of opinions is the new currency. Promotional effectiveness is becoming unaffordable; rapidly loosing grip or worse it becomes a margin-eroding drug.

Here is to a perspective as to how Marketing can regain its strength as the single most powerful driver to create value for brands and businesses in the future!


  • 16:9 PowerPoint or KeyNote, incl. Audio/Video & Live Links (YouTube)
  • Duration: scalable (40 – 60min + Q&A)
  • Executive Workshops format on request (min. half-day)

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Customized education with tangible outputs. Facilitated engagements involving the shaping of shared and aligned purpose, creating vision, and embedding and aligning teams on brand strategy, culture and direction.

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