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Luxury Learning

Take a look behind the curtain of glitz and glamour and experience what leaders, brands and businesses can learn from the world of luxury. #LearnFromLuxury #Integrity #ValueSystems – See more

Brand Power

Explore the transformational power of Brand and see how the strength of values and beliefs drives culture and business. #BrandPower #Branding #BrandTransformation – See more

Brand Purpose

Learn how to understand, articulate and create shared and aligned purpose for brands, organisations and teams for success and growth. #Purpose #Alignment #Culture – See more


Join me on an exploration on what positioning is all about, how to create and articulate a differentiated value proposition – and how to leverage these powerful concepts. #Positioning #Differentiation #Standout– See more

Personal Branding

Zoom in on what really makes personal branding tick like clockwork. We look at the tools needed to successfuly apply and see through core branding principles on an individual level. #PersonalBranding #SelfPresentation #MarketingTechniques– See more

Small Brand Monopolies

Discover how small companies can leverage their authenticity and integrity through niche targeting, positioning, differentiation and clever brand management. #BrandScaling #Growth #BrandMonopolies – See more

Brand & Communication Trends

We’ll look at the key trends shaping brand & communcation in the 21st century – ranging from co-creation of value to programmatic advertising and from augmented reality to giving consumers back their time. #BrandTrends #Communication #Strategy – See more

Future of Marketing

Here is to a perspective as to how Marketing can regain its strength as the single most powerful driver to create value for brands and businesses in the future! #Marketing #Strategy #Future – See more

Demystifying The CMO

We’ll shed some light into the mind of your CMO colleague, unravel what is on his or her mind and offer practical tips and tricks on how to better align for shared success. #CMO #Marketing #Alignment – See more

Extraordinary Client Experience

Let’s take the perspective of your customer, look at other industries for stimulation and offer insights into what makes client experience truly stand out in the long run. #Customer #Experience #CompetitiveAdvantage – See more

Radical Transparency

Let’s explore how forward-thinking companies are marketing inside out, embedding co-creation with customers, humanizing their propositions and drive purpose inside out: balancing radical transparency with powerful presence. #Radical #Transparency #ValueChainDisruption – See more

Supreme Networks

Network effects and connectedness is the theme of the century. Where is this omni-integration headed, what will be different tomorrow and how do we get ready? #ConnectedNetworks #BeyondInternet #OmniIntegration – See more


Innovation is about being around tomorrow. Learn the technique of reverse thinking and understand what the impact of a Culture of Excellence can have on your business to innovate for the future. #Innovation #Future #ReverseThinking – See more

Industry Contrast

What is your industry challenge? This is a journey applied to your own context. Dive into the world of hot wheels, fast cars and roaring engines – and learn how the automotive industry offers thought provoking perspectives. #IndustryContrast #Challenge #Stimulation – See more


We live in a time of tremendous change. Let us enter the world of tomorrow and take a close look at the most important mega trends that shape our society, our environment and our daily life. #FutureWorld #Trends Change – See more

Customized Engagments

Mix together the perfect ingredients for your event and audience: Brand, Strategy, Future, Culture, Change, Innovation, Growth, Leadership and many more. #Strategy #Stimulation #MakeItYours – See more


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Customized education with tangible outputs. Facilitated engagements involving the shaping of shared and aligned purpose, creating vision, and embedding and aligning teams on brand strategy, culture and direction.

#Purpose #Vision #Culture #Brand #Marketing #Alignment


Markus Kramer & Tofig Husein-zadeh

The Guiding Purpose Strategy

The Code to Competitive Advantage for Brands, Businesses and Individuals.

A unique blend of philosophical 21st century reflection, experience and hands-on brand strategy frameworks: The Guiding Purpose Strategy is a book for the positive change-makers of tomorrow.

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