Past Engagements

Keynote & Workshop at the 4th Annual Brand Congress, Cyprus

What are the trends shaping Brand & Marketing? Looking forward to a stimulating morning with 200 Senior Marketing and Brand Professionals in Cyprus!

Bank of China Master Class on Strategic Brand Management, London, UK

Looking forward to taking 30 executives onto a packed one-day journey of 21st century Brand Management. Bank of China in London, as part of the Cass Business School Executive Management Training programme.

UK Marketing Property Awards, London, UK

Judging the great work of UK Marketing Agencies across multiple categories in real estate including best creative and team of the year - looking forward to it!

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars - Keynote for Schmohl AG, Zurich, Switzerland

What is Luxury, what does it really mean and how is it evolving? A look behind the curtain of glitz and glamour for a select group of individuals at the Grand Dolder in Zurich.

Marketing Team Offsite with UNIGESTION, France

Looking forward to aligning on core objectives, building traction and stimulating fresh marketing thinking!

Henley & Partners Global, Strategy Activation, Global

Multi-Market Strategy & Activation on Paid and Earned Media for Germany, France, UK, US and Japan with Launches in Singapore and London.

Future World, Durable GmbH, Iserslohn, Germany

What will the world of tomorrow look like and what are the challenges and opportunities it will have for us? Taking a look at what is coming our way with jointly witht the senior executive team @ Durable.

TESLA Inc. - Future of Automotive, Keynote for Mercuri Urval, Zurich Switzerland

What is the future of automotive and how will it change our mobility. Speaking to a selected group of senior automotive representatives about the main trends in the automotive industry and how they will influence the way we see and use cars in the future.

Brand Power, Workshop with NTERACTIVE, London, UK

Taking a look behind the scenes of what true brand power is all about and how value chain disrubtion and radical transparency is re-shaping the meaning and the role of the CMO.

VOLVO Dealer Conference, Brand Power, Verbier, Switzerland

How do we add more premium in to the brand, and how do we translate this to our customers?

Universum Events, Marketing Summit Bucharest, Romania

Why is transparency so important in todays world? How will it affect the way a brands, companies are being perceived, judged and ultimately bought from (or not)?

MBA Masterclass, Tehran, Iran

Taking MBA students on a 3-day masterclass journey into 21st century Brand Management; fusing academic rigor and real world applicability through case work.

The Meeting Show, Olympia London, UK

What is luxury really and what can we learn from it? A look behind the glitz and glamour for meeting and events organizers with lots of practical tips and tricks on how to create better engagements.

International Superyacht Society Forum, London, UK

What is luxury really and what can we learn from it? A look behind the glitz and glamour for the International Superyacht Society with declined implicaitons for marketing and sales in particular.

Ferrari Executive Team, Frankfurt, Germany

Defining and shaping future brand strategy with senior marketing leaders and the executive team for Ferrari in Germany. From inisghts to tangible action in sales, marketing and distribution.

Crossingtech Strategy Workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland

Working with the senior management team of Crossingtech on positioning, communicaiton and an executable stragtegy. Distilling complexity into language everyone can get exctied about!

TEDx Talk, Zurich, Switzerland

Speaking to inspired young professionals about what we all can learn from fascinationg world of dreams and aspirations. And how to apply some of the inherent luxury principles in everyones' own life for ture succes.

Strategy Workshop, FINTECH, Germany

Brand, Values, Strategy and Naming workshop jointly with the executive team of a Swiss/German based Fintech Startup. From Brains and Flipcharts to Businessplanning to Communications.

ZHAW MBA Masterclass, Zurich, Switzerland

Taking MBA students on a masterclass journey into 21st century Brand Management; fusigin academic rigour and real world applicability thorugh case work.

Richmond Events, CIO Conference, London, UK

CIO & CMO - same universe, different planets. Speaking to the Chief Information Officers on the subject of "Understanding your CMO" - and how to creat better alignment between Marketing and IT.

Strategy Workshop, Unigestion, Geneva, Switzerland

Working with the marketing and leadership teams at Geneva based Asset Manager Unigestion. Defining, Refining and Aligning positioning and brand artiuclation from the inside out.

Global Media Strategy, Henley & Partners

Defining a contextually relevant media strategy with gobal appeal. Conceptualizing together with the Henley & Partners global marketing team. Execution and delivery across multiple markets.

CASS Business School MBA Masterclass, London, UK

An exciting journey thorugh the universe of 21st century brand managment, talking to international MBA students about the power of a brand and the impact on businesses.

World Leader Conference, Tehran, Iran

Speaking to a large senior audience of 800 senior business leaders about the future of marketing, how it will effect our way doing business and what we should do today to get ready.

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