Past Engagements

Cass MBA Class, London

Strategic Brand Management in the 21st century - A perspective on brand desirability and consumer engagement @ Cass Business School in London

Workshop on Tokenising Gold on #Blockchain

Working with StartUp Swiss-Gold-Coin on business strategy, positioning and putting vision into reality.

GPPW Brand and Sales Training, Istanbul

Focus on the power of brand and how brand and marketing contribute to a holistic, effective sales process.

MIELE Communications Workshop, Zurich

Communications workshop with a leading premium company geared towards the future!

Book Launch: The Guiding Purpose Strategy

Looking forward to launching my new book The Guiding Purpose Strategy!

Brookes University, Oxford

Strategic Brand Management in the 21st century - A perspective on brand desirability and consumer engagement @ Brookes University in Oxford

Crypto & Blockchain Summit

Largest Crypto Summit in Switzerland, how ist Blockchain transforming our world?

Jumeirah Marketing Conference, Dubai

Looking forward to sharing and exchanging thoughts on how Luxury and Digital converge!

Marketing Masterclass, Tehran

A fascinating 1-day masterclass on 21st century Brand Management for a small but select audience of the Iranian Impacters Club.

Strategy for Thailand Elite - US, UK, DE, FR & Japan, Global

Helping Thailand Elite (a fully owned subsidiary of Thailand Tourism) getting their message heard across multiple markets through paid and earned media engagement.

Fossil Group Communications Strategy, Basel

Looking forward to how hybrid watches disrupt the world of watchmaking and fashion, jointly with Fossil Group.

MIELE Communications Workshop - KickOff, Zurich

How great to run a communications workshop with a company that places "We want kitchens to be filled with wonderful aromas, recipes to be perfect and food to be always fresh" at the heart of what it does!  

2018 Comms Strategy for Harley-Davidson, Switzerland

Developing the 2018 communications platforms and Media Plans jointly with the team @ Harley-Davidson.

HMD Global NOKIA Phones Media Breakfast, Zurich

Welcoming 10+ top Swiss Media for HMD Global's Media Breakfast in Zurich

Book Launch: The Guiding Purpose Strategy, New-York, USA

Looking forward to launching my new book The Guiding Purpose Strategy!

Charity Trip To Rwanda, Africa

Looking forward to joining a small group of entrepreneurs supporting BPN to visit Rwanda to learn from small entrepreneurs in a different context!

Quality of Nationality Index Strategy Development & Launch, London, UK

Working with Henley & Partners Global to devise a global media and activation strategy for the reputable Quality of Nationality Index.

Moallam Insurance Marketing Workshop, Tehran, Iran

Looking forward to taking 750 Moallem Insurance  Specialists through the principles of 21st century brand management !  

Communications Strategy, Porrentruy, Switzerland

Working with private School Collège & Lycée Saint-Charles on brand, positioning, strategy, commercialisation and scaling internationally.

European Harley Days 2017, Lugano, Switzerland

Great fun with one of the most iconic brands out there - and a great team to activate on customer experience!

Richmond Events Marketing Forum, Switzerland

Brand Purpose: The Navigational Code for Growth Navigating towards a substantially better future requires a balanced commitment to long-term vision and strategic decision-making.

Feature Article in Journal of Brand Strategy, Global

What is Brand Purpose and why is it inseparable from future success? I am pleased that the international Journey of Brand Strategy is publishing my article in the upcoming and first 2017 edition!

2D Graphene Workshop, London, UK

Helping shape the future of lighter and faster carbon fibre components through brand.

Annual Swiss Real Estate Congress, Zurich, Switzerland

What can Real Estate learn from Power Brands? What does good look like in Real Estate Brand & Marketing Management?

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