Purpose with Mercuri Urval

Organisations are good at describing WHAT and HOW they do what they do. Very few are good at explaining WHY.

Yet, in the age of increasingly undifferentiated products and services, your “Raison d’Être” is rapidly becoming your new KNOW-HOW, impacting who buys from you, and who works for and stays with you. Or not.

But what is Purpose – really? Why does it matter now more than ever, and how can you harness the power of Purpose?

We’ll take a look at the evolution of Purpose, explore what Purpose really is, why it is inseparable from future prosperity, and most importantly, how we can find, articulate and embed Purpose within our own organisations.

Our keynote speaker Markus Kramer:

Markus Kramer is specialising in helping brands, businesses and their teams grow stronger. He advises boards, executives, and operational teams as well as private equity and growth funds on all aspects of strategic positioning, reputation, and 21st-century brand & communications management.

Markus combines decades of deep client-side experience working in executive marketing positions for brands such as Harley-Davidson and Aston Martin with global consulting roles across multiple sectors, ranging from financial services, technology, luxury, automotive, and governments to civil society and many more.

The virtual event will take place on Thursday, June 16, 2022, at 08:00 am (CET), and held in English via Microsoft teams and will last approximately 75 minutes

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