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I help boards, executives, operational teams as well as private equity and growth funds think and work through all aspects of strategic positioning and 21st-century brand & communications management. So they can positively reach more people in more places.

Power-up and get ahead of your competitors with cutting-edge insights and strategic thinking rooted in the privilege and experience of working with and for some of the world’s strongest brands.

Welcome to the intersection where brand strategy and ‘getting results’ go hand-in-hand.

Creating Successful Brand Architecture

Powering Brands

Tap into a proven framework honed through many years of academic rigour and real-world experience: from Purpose to setting out Strategic Brand Vision, from shaping the architecture of Brand and Marketing Ecosystems to meticulous implementation, measurement and continued optimisation. Across all touchpoints and all channels. Across sectors. B2C and B2B.

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Engage for Insight, Stimulation & Learning

Cutting-edge insights, experience and an engaging style that inspires audiences small and large.

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Design and Build a World-Class Brand with

Welcome to Brand Marketing Booster™ (BMB) program, a unique approach to brand marketing that fast-tracks the most important concepts and theory into immediate practical application.



Getting You Ahead

Customized education with tangible outputs. Facilitated engagements to shape shared and aligned purpose, create vision, and embedding and aligning teams on brand strategy, culture and direction.

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Markus Kramer & Tofig Husein-zadeh

The Guiding Purpose Strategy

A Navigational Code for Growth. #Brands #Businesses #People

A unique blend of philosophical 21st-century reflection, experience and hands-on brand strategy frameworks: The Guiding Purpose Strategy is a book for the positive change-makers of tomorrow.


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